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    Best Lightening Toning Face Cream and Body Lotion Without Hydroquinone for Black Skin in 2019

    Everyone chases for flawless skin. There are times in life where your skin tends to lose its glowing appearance and healthy feel, despite all your efforts. Exposing yourself too often to sun, pollution and stress count so much when it comes to the appearance of your skin. When you’re not trying to take care of it accordingly, it’s only a matter of time until your skin looks tired without the healthy glow. Additionally, the early signs of aging start to show even more obvious. There comes the role of lightening cream in picture. What to look for in a lightening cream? Even though hydroquinone may be the most popular ingredient…

  • hair styling tools

    A Comprehensive Guide to Best Hair Styling Tools 2019

    Why do we spend so much time and money at the hair salon? There is a reason. We think it is nearly impossible to create salon-beautiful hair at home. Styling your own hair can in no-time turn into an expensive mess of tangled cords, fatigued arms, and sweat-induced frizz. Over the past year, we have been testing tons of top-rated styling tools at all different price points to find the best of the best so that you can recreate salon hairstyles by yourself at home. From excellent curling irons and wands to super effective straighteners with great safety features, to hair dryers that take the stress out of styling, we’ve…

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    Best Tips to Grow Your Hair Faster | Hair Growth Tips

    Naturally, hair grows not more than half an inch every month, aka an eternity if you’ve decided to grow out a bob, pixie, or lob. But this doesn’t mean you can’t fasten up the process. There are quickest and effective ways to kick follicles into high gear and get longer hair fast. African American hair is prone to get damaged by chemicals and extreme heat too faster. Also, this weakens and slow hair growth. To make your hair grow faster and longer the solutions are very simple. The most important step of growing black hair faster is knowing the right products to use. There is a lot of manpower involved…

  • african braiding hairstyles

    21 Best Natural African Braiding Hairstyles 2019

    Braids are an easy and very pleasant African hairstyle that let you forget about hair styling for months. Braiding hairstyles promise to give your hair some rest and protect it from harsh factors of the environment. Besides this, with the awesome African hairstyles listed below, you will seek attention, sincere smiles, and admiring glances. Braided hairstyles offer you the space for creativity. There are many interesting braiding hairstyles and techniques that can make every individual look unique. Also, you can experiment with the creative elements through different patterns, highlights, interesting clips and shapes, natural or curly texture, etc. Hair thickness and natural perm is an advantage for you and a…

  • skin lightening

    A Definitive Guide to Skin Lightening, Skin Brightening and Skin Whitening

    Today the world is racing towards the next trendsetting, best and fashionable statement and fairness, skin tone, and most importantly a radiant appearance has become an important factor. Don’t let the world of fairness leave you behind! The ebony skin tones can be fair, clear, toned, and beautiful too! The original shine and natural radiance fade with time for any skin tone. Exposure to pollution, sunlight, and stress has harmful effects even on the deepest layers of the skin. Paleness, dullness, daily strain and fatigued skin are not something that you need as a result of all your effort throughout the day. The adverse effects on the skin are the…

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    All You Need to Know About 4A, 4B, & 4C Hairstyles

    Today one hashtag on social media has become a global phenomenon and that is #BlackGirlMagic. This hashtag has become a repository of images of gorgeous black girls flaunting their natural hair in all its glory. One of the most attention-seeking hair types is type 4 coily hair. After centuries of being told and being oppressed that kinky hair is not beautiful, black women are conquering back the power, standing up against Eurocentric beauty standards to embrace their beautiful natural hair. In this blog, we have discussed in detail about 4 hair type and all of its categories. Type 4 kinky hair is referred to be tightly coiled hair that has…

  • how to get rid of hyperpigmentation
    blog,  Skincare

    Tips on How to Get Rid of Hyperpigmentation on Black Skin

    When you talk about your skin care concerns, the most important things that pops-up in your mind must include wrinkles, acne and period pimples. In fact, it happens with everyone that sometimes we become so engaged in dealing with blemishes and fine lines that we neglect dark spots and hyperpigmentation. But this can be equally frustrating if you want to achieve flawless, glowing and insta-ready complexion. Pigmentation is a type of skin trauma that can flare up overnight and is activated by several factors. Women of color are more prone to pigmentation because of the high level of melanin in their skin and this makes it very tough to treat. Like every other…

  • hair color ideas and trends

    12 Hair Color Ideas and Trends 2019 That You Must Watch Out

    Over the past few years, it has been observed that unicorn hair and rainbow pastels have paved way for dessert-inspired shades. Fortunately, with the advent of 2019, there is an onset of extra dimension, subtle highlight techniques and more natural looking hair.  Moreover, when it comes to hair color ideas and trends, nothing is ever really out. Thanks to social media that has made it very easy to see your favourite celebrities, friends, influencers, and even regular folks flaunting gorgeous shades. After all, this is how trends are born. This might get you thinking: How to get ahead of what’s next in hair color? The answer to it is by…

  • how to maintain dreadlocks

    Easy Tips and Tricks on How to Maintain Dreadlocks

    Do you know why dreadlocks have survived for thousands of years and will continue to stick around for the years to come? It is because they are literally considered to be the coolest hairstyle ever. Dreadlocks, rope-like tuft of hair formed by matting hair together, have been found to be associated with Aztec, ancient Greek, Buddhist, Senegalese and Rastafari cultures. Although, now dreadlocks have become a style symbol of Afro people and are mainly linked to their culture and identity, but people from different races do like to flaunt their hair in dreadlocks. Undoubtedly, dreadlocks take time to grow, mature and tighten but if you follow a good maintenance routine,…

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    12 Tips on How to Get Rid of Dry Skin in Winter

    Winter has many sweeping seasonal highs like snowy walks, ice-skating in central park and fireside gatherings. However, there are a few less pleasant side effects also to note. With winter comes the onslaught of dry, itchy skin that’s currently settling in for the long haul. This brings the need to switch to a good moisturizer. While the drier climate and indoor heat have already taken a toll, there is still some time to get serious about a daily routine to ensure a glowing complexion and hydrated skin. Here is the definitive guide to help you prevent, soothe and deal with dry skin. Tips to Get Rid of Dry Skin Moisture-…