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    Tips on How to Get Rid of Hyperpigmentation on Black Skin

    When you talk about your skin care concerns, the most important things that pops-up in your mind must include wrinkles, acne and period pimples. In fact, it happens with everyone that sometimes we become so engaged in dealing with blemishes and fine lines that we neglect dark spots and hyperpigmentation. But this can be equally frustrating if you want to achieve flawless, glowing and insta-ready complexion. Pigmentation is a type of skin trauma that can flare up overnight and is activated by several factors. Women of color are more prone to pigmentation because of the high level of melanin in their skin and this makes it very tough to treat. Like every other…

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    12 Hair Color Ideas and Trends 2019 That You Must Watch Out

    Over the past few years, it has been observed that unicorn hair and rainbow pastels have paved way for dessert-inspired shades. Fortunately, with the advent of 2019, there is an onset of extra dimension, subtle highlight techniques and more natural looking hair.  Moreover, when it comes to hair color ideas and trends, nothing is ever really out. Thanks to social media that has made it very easy to see your favourite celebrities, friends, influencers, and even regular folks flaunting gorgeous shades. After all, this is how trends are born. This might get you thinking: How to get ahead of what’s next in hair color? The answer to it is by…