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21 Best Natural African Braiding Hairstyles 2019

Braids are an easy and very pleasant African hairstyle that let you forget about hair styling for months. Braiding hairstyles promise to give your hair some rest and protect it from harsh factors of the environment. Besides this, with the awesome African hairstyles listed below, you will seek attention, sincere smiles, and admiring glances.

Braided hairstyles offer you the space for creativity. There are many interesting braiding hairstyles and techniques that can make every individual look unique. Also, you can experiment with the creative elements through different patterns, highlights, interesting clips and shapes, natural or curly texture, etc.

Hair thickness and natural perm is an advantage for you and a unique bonus is that you simply can’t leave it unused. You might be complaining of your hair before but you can brilliantly use it for braids. So why not to use this idea to enhance your look?

There is a lot of versatility in African hair braiding. You have multiple looks to experiment with such as microbraids, cornrows, fishtail braids, blocky braids, black braided buns, twist braids, tree braids, hair bands, French braids and more are at your disposal.

Once you finalize your desired braiding style and have your hair braided, you can easily shape your braids into beautiful hairstyles for the party as well as daily routine look.

Braided hairstyles were “in fashion” even 2000 years B.C. If they have continued to be in existence till our time, there must be something special in them, don’t you agree? No wonder, every year every fashion show witness unique braiding hairstyle. Here are some popular African braiding hairstyles that are in trend in 2019.

Popular Trends in African Braiding Hairstyles

Fashion shows are always inspiring and offer new and fresh ideas into clothes and hairstyles. As for hairstyles, things are much easier here: get inspired and try on new images already now. What’s new was there in braided hairstyles? Here are some of the trends for inspiration:

Trend #1. Tight and edgy cornrow styles. Cornrows have been always considered as a casual hairstyle, but now when they are in Couture collections, it is important for them to rock for a while in the new season.

Trend #2Wrap-around twists and braids for black shiny hair with fresh flowers. These are loose, messy and inspired by Boho chic.

Trend #3Very loose and whimsical braids for wavy long hair. This braiding style starts from mid-shaft and is not noticeable in the front and looks sloppy in the back.

Trend #4Low braided buns are always an extra charge of elegance to ennoble even the simplest outfit.

Trend #5Twisted rope braids are long 3-dimensional braids. These are ideal for long thick hair and look very interesting, unhackneyed and you should give it a try.

The Most Gorgeous African Braided Hairstyles

Check out the ideas in pictures below to get inspired

#1: Criss-Cross Goddess Braids:

Chunky cornrow braids, referred to as goddess braids, are perfect for days when you want to give your hair a break. Also, when you are going on a beach vacation and would rather not worry about styling your strands every morning this braiding hairstyle is the best alternative. The great thing about the braids of this size is that they don’t take too long to do and are easy to take out.

#2: Crowned Braid Crown:

There are famous hairstylists who took the concept of a braid crown to the next level with an actual crown. A few days after Amandla Stenberg debuted long, thick braids with red highlights and a thinner braid split along her hairline. Another celebrity just reinvented the look by pinning it up and topping it off with a starry tiara.

#3: Big Bun:

This look’s so much gorgeousness going on with this hairstyle that it’s hard to choose a favorite element. This braiding hairstyle can be precisely laid down on your middle part and the plaits can be left loose at the temple.

Also, the big bun of swirling, highlighted braids sitting high atop Henson’s head? One thing is for sure: It all comes together for an absolutely epic look.

#4: Mix & Match Pony:

This braiding hairstyle can be styled in a variety of ways and can in feed-in braids of varying sizes, pulled up into a ponytail. And of course, this hairstyle is slicked to perfection.

#5: Gradient with a Gold Hoop:

Prepare yourself to be obsessed with this look. This look has a thick braid with a black to silvery white ombré. You can finish off the look with a golden ring that cleanly seals the tapered end.

#6: Long chunky black braids:

Chunky box braids are totally in style. The alternating thin braids offer a stylish look. This extension provides an extremely beautiful length and volume. This way you can give yourself different looks that your natural locks wouldn’t allow.

#7: Braided Bouffant:

This is a great style that works on straightened hair or hair that has been stretched out. The braided halo looks elegant and makes you feel as pretty as a princess. You need to work a conditioning product into your hair and brush out any tangles.

Then sweep hair off to a side and begin French braiding, adding sections of hair as you move along. When you finish off with the braid, tuck it in and pin.

#8: Blunt Bob:

Who can deny the temptation of a short, symmetrical bob? It is an evergreen style that can never really die out. Instead of falling flat, the hair here has been gently curved inwards to give a beautiful frame to the face.

You need to work a volumizing product into damp hair and brush as you blow-dry. Then, slowly drape hair over the brush and run it under the blow-drier. Finally set with a flexible hold hairspray.

#9: Mohawk:

In 2019 Mohawks have to be the sexiest and edgiest look around. Those days are gone when it was merely sported by punks and bikers. The Mohawks you see around are fashionable, stylish, and totally feminine.

And they are so versatile, you can own this hairstyle to flaunt your personality and make it your own. This Mohawk certainly is similar to many traditional styles.

To get this look, you need a strong hold gel. Make sure that your hair is a little damp before you start. Using the gel, stretch your hair upwards and gently curve the end. Make sure you get all the strands that have not been shaved for a neat, chic look.

#10: Fully Braided Bun:

If the dreadlocks you have opted for are of the braided variant, then you can recreate this supremely elegant style. This can also be achieved by braiding tiny sections of hair and putting them up.

But matured dreadlocks make this a less time-consuming process and there is no scope for loose strands, which lend this updo a rather neat look.

#11: Side-Swept Dreadlocks:

This is a rather feminine take on the classic dreadlocks. The dreadlocks here have been made using the back-brushing and rolling method, but this style works on all types of dreadlocks, except for the really thick one.

#12: Ponytail and Lose Locks:

To get dreadlocks and then forget that they exist. A lot of styles that work on plain hair can be revamped to suit dreadlocks. Putting them up in a ponytail is just one of them.

#13: Side-Swept Senegalese Twists:

Senegalese twists are a long-term hairdo. They require a lot of effort and can be kept for months. This is another take on the twists, with the addition of cornrows and side-swept braids.

#14: Cornrows and Dreadlocks:

Now, why go for a single style when you can have multiple? This hairstyle is a combination of multiple styles in a single effort. Cornrows, dreadlocks and loose curls that has been styled into a pony in this hairstyle. This is a complicated combination of a multitude of things.

Now, you don’t need dreadlocks that are fully matured. You just need back brushing and setting with wax will work.

One section can be braided into cornrows while the bangs can be partly loose and partly dreaded, and the rest of the hair has to be pulled into a ponytail. A volumizing product has to be used on the loose curls to give it extra body.

#15: Fringe:

Blunt bangs- they are chic, stylish and frame your face oh-so-well. Unfortunately, as great as they look, they only work for straight hair.

If your hair has undergone a permanent straightening treatment, you can go right out and get them.

#16: Ponytail and Lose Locks:

To get dreadlocks and then forget that they exist. A lot of styles that work on plain hair can be revamped to suit dreadlocks. Putting them up in a ponytail is just one of them.

#17: Coils:

This is a great way to flaunt your Mohawk without having to relax your hair. You play up the natural texture of your hair and top it off with a cute headband to add a girly touch.

Work a conditioning serum through hair and brush it back. Stretch and blow-dry the top to hold it down and set it with hairspray. Tousle the rest to give it a slightly messy look.

#18: Stretched Pixie:

This is a rather unique way to style a pixie. The hair, although it has been stretched, still retains some of its texture. To recreate this style, first and foremost, you need pomade. You can also use a strong hold hairspray, but pomade gives better results. You need your hair to be damp. Take some pomade between your palms and work it through your hair in an upward direction.  Alternatively, you can stretch your hair by blow drying it, lift it and spray with a strong hold hairspray.

#19: Side-swept Curly Pixie:

Who says bangs can only be pulled off on straight hair? You can rock curly bangs, just make sure that they are wispy and asymmetric so that they don’t end up looking heavy.

It is really important to separate and maintain the curls. For this, you need to work a conditioning product into damp hair. Let it air dry. Finger-comb and sweep bang off to a side. You can set it with hairspray if you want to.

#20: Faux Updo:

The thing about curls is, there is always so much volume there. What better way to use the natural texture than to put it in an updo? And if you have short hair?

Well, you can always fake it. Use a conditioning serum on damp hair. Finger-comb it as it dries to maintain your curls. Put your curls up and set it with a strong hold hairspray.

#21: Buzz Cut:

You want to make a statement, but dealing with your hair, styling it – it’s not really your thing. Great! Then this look is perfect for you. Low maintenance – yet so edgy!

Finally, a style that requires no styling! Even though that is the case, make sure that your hair remains properly conditioned to add that shine.

This hair cut makes your face the center of focus and really emphasizes your facial features. Got a feature to flaunt, then you should surely try this style.

Protective styles like braids can sometimes take hours to achieve, so of course, you want them to look extra fresh once you finally get out of the braider’s chair. We’re talking about hair that makes you do a double take and then double tap.

Braiding, particularly in cultures with strong African influence, is a tradition that goes back for generations.

And classic styles are constantly being reinvented and brought to life with a new-school swag. We’re seeing beads, patterns that swirl and swoop around the crown, technicolor ombré hues, and braids adorned with thread, cuffs, butterflies, and more.

The options are numerous and tempting, but it can be a little difficult if you’re trying to decide on a braided look. But we hope the styles discussed in this blog will be helpful to make you look stylish and modern at the same time. Try out these hairstyles and help yourself achieve ultimate hair goals. 🙂  

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