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A Comprehensive Guide to Best Hair Styling Tools 2019

Why do we spend so much time and money at the hair salon? There is a reason.

We think it is nearly impossible to create salon-beautiful hair at home. Styling your own hair can in no-time turn into an expensive mess of tangled cords, fatigued arms, and sweat-induced frizz.

Over the past year, we have been testing tons of top-rated styling tools at all different price points to find the best of the best so that you can recreate salon hairstyles by yourself at home.

From excellent curling irons and wands to super effective straighteners with great safety features, to hair dryers that take the stress out of styling, we’ve rounded up the best tools for your hair regime. Is your hair super fine, kinky-curly, damaged, or full of cowlicks?

Don’t worry: no matter what hair issue you’re dealing with, we’ve got you covered. Here are our top picks for your hairstyle this year:

Best Hair Styling Tools 2019

#1. Magic Collection Wave Brush 7709

Magic Collection Wave Brush 7709 will straighten and detangle your hair, as well as massage your scalp.

It is a wooden brush in medium size that also releases negative ions which have a beneficial effect on different types of hair: they promote the efficient distribution of moisture in the hair shaft, protect your locks from over-drying and neutralize the positively charged ions that cause static electricity.

The brush is available in single color and handle is made of natural boar bristles.

#2. BaByliss Pro GT Ionic 2000w Hairdryer

Compact and powerful, the BaByliss Pro GT Ionic 2000w Hairdryer combines Ionic and Ceramic technologies to give the most sought-after results for shiny, silky and manageable hair.

This comprehensive BaByliss Pro GT Ionic 2000w Hairdryer includes 6 heat/speed settings and 2000-watt power so you can adjust the temperature and force to your desire.

With the added cold shot you can blast your hair at the end with cold air to lock in shine and leave strands softened and smoothed. The salon length cord and hanging loop make this dryer really easy to use and practical.

#3. Aphrodite Salon Professional Hair Dryer Ionic 3000

Aphrodite Salon Professional Hair Dryer Ionic 3000 is a professional quality hair dryer with more power of 2100 watts & ionic capabilities for making the hair softer and smoother as you dry.

This salon professional dryer comes with 2 attachments and ionic capabilities to make styling your hair a breeze.

It is comfortable to hold and intuitive to use making it the ideal choice for professional or home use.

The key to the ionic technology is the blue diode on the top of the dryer – this diode creates negative ions which are blown onto the hair and negatively charge the hair to stop static and create a smooth silky feel, this makes styling the hair easy and quick.

#4. BaByliss Nano Travel Dual Voltage Hair Dryer Pink 1200W

Travel in style with the small powerful BaByliss 1200 W Nano hair dryer. Ideally designed for traveling, the Nano hair dryer is lightweight it is compact enough to be taken in a carry-on bag.

It also has the advantage of being multi-voltage so it can be used anywhere. To change the voltage settings simply turn the screw on the side of the dryer to set the voltage for the country you are in. With two heat settings, two-speed settings, and a heat concentrating nozzle, the Nano hair dryer gives you optimum results and styling control in minimum time.

First towel dry and detangle your hair. Use the high heat/speed setting for initial drying followed by the low heat/speed setting as hair begins to dry and for styling and scrunch drying.

Use the concentrator nozzle to direct heat exactly where required.

#5. Aliza Ceramic Hair Straightener

The Aliza hair straighteners have been specifically designed to both protect and nourish hair while straightening, so your hair isn’t exposed to any heat damage.

The Aliza Ceramic Straightener has up to 30 different heat settings from 80°C to 230°C, with an easy to use the key so you can use precisely the right temperature for your hair type, whether it be a low heat for fine, thin hair or high heat for thick hair.

The Aliza Ceramic Hair Straightener is a diverse and customizable product which also has 1-inch true grip ceramic plates, specially designed to eliminate gaps for a smooth and easy glide.

With Aliza’s high-quality, cutting-edge ceramic technology, these Aliza hair straighteners are quick and easy to use for a smooth and sleek finish every time.

The ceramic technology also means your hair will be more protected from the heat, so your hair stays hydrated and gorgeous – even if you’re using the Aliza hair straightener every day.

#6. Aliza Titanium Professional Hair Straightener

The Aliza Titanium Professional Hair Straightener is a more heavy-duty model designed for professional use and coarser hair types.

Aliza Titanium Professional Straightener Straighten and style any type of hair with 210 degree Celsius temperature. It gives your hair a gorgeous sheen, smooth edges. Look presentable in no time. Swivel cord to reduce entanglement. It has Worldwide voltage adaptability.

Aliza Titanium Professional has Titanium plates, to retain heat for thicker or coarser hair styling at 15 different temperatures. It has a tangle-free swivel cord which is perfect for easy styling wherever you are, and the Aliza Titanium Professional cord stretches to 2.6 meters in length – perfect for professional salon styling. With a soft touch control handle, and to keep you safe it has an auto-shut off after 60 minutes so there’s no risk of leaving it on and causing an accident. The LCD display is clear and easy to use, making hair styling simple.

#7. Babyliss Pro Ceramic Dial-A-Heat Hair Curler Tongs

BaByliss PRO tongs guarantee even faster, long-lasting results thanks to upgraded heating performance. It reaches the top temperature of 210°C and heats up quicker with improved heat recovery to ensure a fast, consistent styling performance.

The ceramic barrel ensures smoothness and shine and 25 different temperature settings allow the exact amount of heat for specific hair types.

Available in a complete range of 6 different sizes to create a variety of curl effects from more defined free-flowing curls to soft, loose waves and movement, these classic curling tongs are hairdressing favorites used all around the globe.

The 24mm medium barrel will create natural curls. FEATURES: 24mm medium barrel to create natural curls, ceramic barrel for a smooth, frizz-free, shiny finish, Up to 210C high heat for lasting results, 25 heat settings 100C – 210C for different hair types, fast heat up and recovery, heat-ready indicator system, On & off switches with indicator lights Stay cool safety tip, built-in safety stand, salon length 2.7m swivel cord, & 6 months guarantee.

#8. BaByliss Ceramic Curling Wand Pro 25-13mm

The hairdresser’s go-to styling tool for long-lasting glamorous curls and beautiful soft waves. With its non-slip, extra-long conical barrel it is so simple to use on longer hair lengths.

This versatile wand for natural looking curls that last. It is very easy to use a conical 25-13mm barrel, simply wrap and curl. It has non-slip wrap control TM that gently holds the hair around the barrel for perfect curl formation.

Also, it has an extra-long barrel for curling longer hair lengths and has 5 digital temperature settings from 150°C – 210°C.

How to use different hair styling tools?

A gorgeous blowout

While nothing can truly top the feeling of walking out of the salon with a stellar blowout, you can get pretty close at home. To start, you’ll need an up-to-date blow dryer with an attached nozzle.

If your old dryer emits a glowing red light, replace it because it will overheat and burn your hair. Spray a thermal protectant on damp hair and add a smoothing cream to accelerate the process.

Then, let hair air dry a bit to reduce blow-drying time, which will decrease the risk of damage. The trick is to be meticulous and work in a circle. The hairstylist Tricomi’s “ABC” method for blow-drying results in the ultimate blowout without over-drying the ends.

First, separate hair into four sections. Take the first section (clip up the rest) and blow-dry in thirds. Hold a wooden, round-brush with boar bristles under the first several inches of hair “A” and aim the nozzle down the shaft (not at the floor).

Dry only that section. Then, concentrate on the mid-shaft area “B” until it’s dry, and, finally, finish the last several inches at the end, part “C.” Repeat the same steps for the remaining three sections.

The perfect curls

Sometimes a little curl is all you need to add that extra oomph to your look. Always go for a curling rod with a 1½-inch barrel (the smaller the barrel, the tighter the curls). Look for an iron that has adjustable heat-settings — the finer your hair, the less heat you need. If the heat setting spans between 1 and 10, set it to 6 for fine hair and 10 for coarse strands.

First, spray a heat thermal protector on dry hair and detangle any knots. Next, clip up hair and leave a 1½-inch section at the nape of your neck. Mist the section with a lightweight hairspray, which defines, maintains curls, and keeps them really shiny.

Then, wind the section around the wand, leaving the ends untouched, for roughly five seconds. When it comes to curling the sides, avoid unsightly burns by tilting your head to keep a safe distance between your skin and the rod.

Note: Novice curlers should wrap a towel around their neck.

Mist and curl section by section. Lastly, gently finger-comb hair for a natural finish.

Super sleek strands

It’s critical to choose a high-quality flat iron with ceramic plates, which tend to cause less damage. Also, get one with a heat setting display, says Cho.

For fine or damaged hair, set the temperature to no more than 300 degrees. Iron average-weight hair between 300 and 380 degrees. Reserve 400 degrees for thick, coarse strands.

Straightening hair follows a similar process as curling. First, spritz a heat protectant spray onto tangle-free hair.

Once it dries, spray a light hairspray onto a 1½-inch section to seal the cuticle at the nape of the neck, making hair flatter and shinier. Then, run the straightener from root to end, and repeat throughout your head. Note that speed matters. If you’re going too fast, your hair won’t straighten and if you go too slow, that’s when your hair burns and damage occurs. So, be careful while using straightening iron.

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