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12 Hair Color Ideas and Trends 2019 That You Must Watch Out

Over the past few years, it has been observed that unicorn hair and rainbow pastels have paved way for dessert-inspired shades. Fortunately, with the advent of 2019, there is an onset of extra dimension, subtle highlight techniques and more natural looking hair. 

Moreover, when it comes to hair color ideas and trends, nothing is ever really out. Thanks to social media that has made it very easy to see your favourite celebrities, friends, influencers, and even regular folks flaunting gorgeous shades.

After all, this is how trends are born. This might get you thinking: How to get ahead of what’s next in hair color? The answer to it is by heading directly to the experts.

Hair experts are not psychic of course, but at the salon they do listen to their clients’ need every day. Some of those clients happen to be trend setters and come up with completely new and interesting combination of hair color ideas.

Here is the list of 13 interesting hair color ideas and trends in 2019 that will probably want to bookmark:

Hair Color Ideas and Trends 2019

Idea #1: Face framing highlights

Don’t you want to change your hair color with the change in the season? When winter tempts you to go darker with your hair, and summer tempts to go lighter, you should never hesitate experimenting.

For the spring in 2019, adding highlights that frame your face is going to be the hair color trend. Such highlights brighten your face by highlighting both your eyes and cheek bone structure, even in a tucked-back and sleek style like Anne Hathaway’s.

Idea #2: Red with a Natural Touch

In 2019, red is going back to its roots. Although, vibrant wines and fire-engine reds are always in your cool shades book, natural auburn looks brilliantly gorgeous anytime.

But wait there is a suggestion. Before you make the plunge, you must consult with your colorist to talk out which red shade of hair color will suit your skin tone.

Idea #3: Dirty Brunette

Many times, giving just lighter shade to hair doesn’t do much in terms of accentuating what you have naturally. But dirty blond hair meets your match.

This requires you to just brighten certain places to complement your natural hair color and skin tone.

This is one of the most attention seeking hair color ideas as it gives natural-looking dimension throughout your hair, starting from the root, with some extra pops on the end.

Idea #4: Pigeon Blond

Pigeon blond is a hair color trend that has been popular since long. This shade is so cutting-edge, but still very chic.

If you are going to have pigeon hair color, ensure to have advice from someone who specializes in this, since it is very difficult to achieve this look.

You can carefully try chantal color pigeon blonde hair color.

Idea #5:  Mahogany Copper

If you want to add some spice to your look, then this hair color trend is for you. Mahogany copper is a burnished red shade that looks amazing on curls.

This adds even more dimension to hair and make them look voluminous.

It gives a natural star look to your hair with a more smoky and neutral vibe.

Idea #6: Chocolate Brown

Priyanka Chopra who upgraded to more dimensional chocolate shade from her rich brown hair, has set the trend of chocolate brown hair color.

The crystal ball predicts that Priyanka Chopra’s photo will be cited as inspiration in colorists’ chairs throughout 2019.

You can try Chantal or adore shining hair colors to see the difference in your appearance.

Idea #7: Below the ears Ombre

The gradually blended hair color trend, aka ombré, is going to stay throughout in 2019. This is one of the unique hair color ideas that fade gently from dark to light in your hair.

It gives soft as well as sombre look.  It also gives just a tiny bit of brightness that peeks out on the ends of your hair. It’s more of a modern era trend that is turning out to be a buzz amongst hair color lovers.

Idea #8: Navy Blue

Shake your hairs with cool navy-blue tone in 2019 because this is the latest hair color trend this year. This gives flirty and fun look and can bring some unexpected change to your personality.

But before applying navy blue color, you must apply hair mask to your hair. This makes the transition process smooth and easy. Chantal color variete navy blue shade can suit your hair perfectly.

Idea #9: Stylish Root Shadow

This is one of the hair color trends that might seem like something you don’t want but hear this out. Stylish and soft root shadow gives your hair a modern look.

You should choose a shade which is lighter than your natural color. This hair color idea is a good way to keep things low maintenance and stylish both.

Also, this is one of the hair color ideas that can help you keep your color appointments out a little longer.

Idea #10: Appealing Chocolate Shade

2019 is an interesting year for brunettes as hair color ideas and trends are varying from vibrant to easy and soft colors. This year is evidencing variety of adore shades of dark chocolate to blended milk chocolate, similar to Taylor Hill’s hair.

You can imagine a lighter brown with similar shades woven throughout for a bold and seamless overall effect.

Idea #11: Honey Hair

Amidst the growing popularity of blonde hair, honey hued hair of Saoirse Ronan is the perfect transition from season to season.

You can try adore shining semi-permanent hair color that gives a vibrant and shining color that can give your hair a sensual, beautiful and long lasting color.

This can give multi-dimensional, and buttery blondes as opposed to the stark bleached out blondes of 2018.

Idea #12: Poppy Gold Hair

By adding gold tones to your dull looking hair, you can keep your fall months warm. It is, in fact, an ideal method for those with darker complexions.

Warm tones and golden highlights complement each other perfectly.

So, if you are not thinking to dye your entire hair this year, these hair color ideas and trends will be your new inspiration. Play with your hair the way you want and choose among these options to give your look a bold touch in 2019. Life is short so, make every hair flip count!! ?

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