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  1. A3 Lemon Skin Lightening Serum 50ML
  2. A3 Lemon Dermo Protective & Moisturising Extra Fortified Soap 100g
  3. A3 Lemon Glycerin 95% Vegetable 260ml
  4. A3 Lemon Glycerin 100% Vegetable for Dry Skin 8.75 oz / 260ml
  5. A3 Lemon 4 Ever Bright Skin Lightening Gel Tube 50ml
  6. A3 Executive White 4 Ever Bright Lemon Cream Tube 25ml
  7. A3 Lemon Face Skin Cleanser 260ml
  8. A3 Lemon Moisturizing Body Oil Ultra Smoothing Formula
  9. A3 Lemon Cream Jar 500G Buttery Consistence Cream
  10. A3 Lemon Body Lotion 500ml Forever Bright

10 Items

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A3 Lemon Face & Body Skin Care Products | Skin Lightening Gel, Serum , Skin Brightening Cream, Moisturizing Body Oil, Lotion, Glycerin, Face Cleanser, Soap

Enhance your skin care routine and keep your skin hydrated & youthful with A3 Lemon Face & Body Skin Care Products. The A3 Lemon Skin Brightening Cream is a buttery consistency cream for dark skin and gives a forever bright perfect glow by contrasting the formation and reappearance of skin blemishes (dark spots). The A3 Lemon Skin Brightening Cream also provides deep moisture & smoothness to your skin, Lightening & Moisturizing Body Oil from A3 Lemon has an ultra-smoothing formula, remarkably effective in soothing & softening dry stressed skin. It has the extraordinary emollient action of jojoba, & the Vitamin E to protect the cells against damages of oxidation caused by free radicals. A3 Lemon Purifying Soap is pure and has a rich formula i.e. 100% vegetable base to improve skin luminosity & complexion uniformity Ideal for all skin types. It helps to remove excess sebum (the origin of the formation of acne, pimples, and blackheads) from the skin. A3 Executive White Lemon Body Lotion is enriched with some selected ingredients to visibly uniform the color complexion contrasting with the formation and/or re-appearance of skin blemishes (dark spots). This skin brightening body lotion has a non-greasy formula to provide a tonic & velvety skin; the long-lasting citrus fragrance gives an extraordinary sensation of freshness. A3 Lemon Skin Lightening Gel is specially designed to give uniformity of glowing skin & fight against the reappearance of blemishes and dark spots. A3 Lemon Glycerin for dry skin has 95% vegetable. Pick your preferred one now!