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Eden Cocoa Butter Moisturizer Body Lotion, Apricot Scrub Soap, Lemon Soap

Want to get a spa glow without the spa go? Experience Eden by Dynamix, the range of body, face and skin products i.e. A deep cleansing natural fiber body and facial apricot scrub that (unclogs pores and removes dry, quickly removes blackheads and impurities, dead cells from the surface of your skin and reveal a smooth, fresh layer), Eden Lemon Soap with Vitamin E is antiseptic medicated soap (It moisturises, softens and clarifies your skin), Eden Body Milk Skin Lotion is moisturizing skin lotion with vitamin E, Glycerin is for toning and moisturizing, Eden Moisturising Body Lotion With Cocoa Butter is specially formulated for rough and dry skin, this lotion will moisturise and nourish the skin.