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After choosing your eyeshadows from our best eye makeup kit collection, attaching some fake lashes would make your eyes look beautiful. A lot of us find it difficult to keep them on, and often find them peeling off as the effect of the glue wears out. Here are products from Fine Lines and Response, where the product helps keep the lashes in place for a long time.

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Hair styling brushes are equally important as the products that we use. The brushes and the combs need to be soft. Different volumes and textures of hair need different types of hair brushes. The brushes available here at FairnessCo are specially designed for the women of African origin who.

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Our nails are not just to be shaped to look pretty but to be kept clean too. Use manicure & pedicure tools from FairnessCo, find nail filers that can be used for both the fingernails as well as the toenails, get the cuticle pushers which are stainless steel and can be used in all methods of sterilizing including autoclave. For the feet cleaning.

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Accessories are very necessary for us and are things that we need to keep in handy all the time. Here at FairnessCo, find accessories for the eyes, hair, and nails. These are safe and easy to use. Sometimes, we would prefer carrying these accessories along with us as they might come to help at the last moment.

Eye Accessories For You

Pretty eyes complete all looks. Choose from the range of eye makeups from FairnessCo and find the accessories that you need every day. Get the tweezer which can be used on the move and definitely safe as they are all made of stainless steel. These are such essentials for girls who have just started getting their eyebrows and upper lip done, to women of all ages too. Getting one or two of those extras on the move can make a difference. also get the fake eyelash glue and the adhesive remover here at FairnessCo. You could buy the strongest fake lashes, but attaching them to your lashes with an effective adhesive will help not just stick, but also stay for a long time on your lashes which helps to avoid re touch-ups. You can always use the adhesive remover to remove the lashes carefully from your lashes.

Hair Accessories For You - Durags, Hair Brushes, and Combs

Hair textures may vary from one another but the way you treat that hair type is important to all. Not just choosing the right shampoos and conditioners, even using the right combs to style your hair is important. Here at FairnessCo, you can find combs and brushes for different uses, starting from detangling and dying of hair, to all kinds of hair, especially for 3a, 3b, 3c, 4a, 4b, 4c hair types. Get the different toothed styling picks which are heat and chemical resistant, also known for its non-scratching teeth. Also, find the Whal Straightening Comb which is best suited for curly and frizzy Afro hair. The Aphrodite conditioning cap/durag for damaged hair is available here at FairnessCo and is a must-have. The heating process activates the treatment to penetrate deep into the hair. It is not just very relaxing but also is helping the roots of your hair to get better.

Shop For Accessories That Keep Your Nails Healthy | Nail Files

Keeping your nails healthy is a good thing and rushing to the parlor all the time cannot be possible all the time due to time constraints or even the price you pay for it. Here at FairnessCo, find the essentials for your nails, like the filers and the cuticle pushers. A mini manicure session at home in the night will keep you going for a while. These are also a set containing the foot file and a callus smoother which will help keep your feet healthy and fresh looking too. These products can be used the ones who have just started doing their own manicure and pedicure but also the ones who have been doing it for a while. Also, use the tweezers to remove off the extra hair tiny hair growth around the fingers. FairnessCo also has the FineLines baby scissors which are definitely safe to use as it is stainless steel. These help in keeping your baby’s nails trimmed and not pointed. Find a lot many more products like the face lotions, body lotions, hand creams from FairnessCo that will help keep your skin moisturized and smooth. There are a lot of shampoos and conditioners to choose from too, which suits all hair types. Get the best suiting products for the occasion and you are good to go for your day to the office to your date at night.