Fantasia Heat Protect Serum 6oz

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Brand: Fantasia
Fantasia Heat Protect Serum 6oz
Fantasia Heat Protect Serum 6oz
For those times when you apply heat to your hair, make sure you always protect it to prevent damage and breakage. Fantasia ic hair polisher heat protector straightening serum creates a barrier between heat appliances and your hair so you can style it without the fear of causing serious damage. It will add shine to your hair and moisturize it without leaving a greasy residue and heavy build up. Keep this serum next to your favorite heat styling appliance. For use with flat irons, blow dryers and other heat appliances in order to achieve a smooth, straight look to hair.
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Apply 2-5 drops in palm of hand and distribute evenly through hair.  Flat iron or blow dry from roots to ends.

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