Hair Extensions Categories

Synthetic Hair Extensions are very similar to human hair extensions will give you a similar look as that of the human hair extension. You can choose the style you want as here at FairnessCo, we offer you wavy hair extensions and curly hair extensions and as these are heat resistant as they are made of hi-temperature fibers.

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FairnessCo is a one-stop destination for the best braids in the UK. Here we have a great range of African hair braids that would suit women with Afro hair. Buying synthetic braiding hair online will not just save a lot of your time but also you also get to choose the color and type of braids you like. We have brands like Xpression, Aftress,

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When in doubt, wear a pony”. Ponytail extensions are simple yet stylish, people of all age groups would like it as it suits all outfits on any occasion. For those who are not gifted with hair that’s not thick enough, long hair ponytail extensions will go as desired. The ones with long thick hair too can wear these when they want a different streak done.

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Hair extensions are a must have for people of all hair types and textures. Not just do they give your hair some volume, but also give you some style to flaunt. These clip in hair extensions come in blonde, ponytail, and black which can be worn to your liking. Blonde hair extensions and the black hair extensions are the most wanted and recommended too.

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FairnessCo offers a wide range of artificial bulk hair for braiding i.e. Jumbo Hair Braids, Curly Hair Braids. Straight Hair Braids, Afro Kinky Braids, African Braids For Kids, Natural Hairstyle Braids, Twist Braids, Extension & Hair Pieces For Cornrow Braids, Easy Hair Braids, Black People Braids, Weave Braids, Micro Braids. These hair extensions for braiding or hair pieces for plaiting are made of 100% premium quality fibre.

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The crochet braids available here are synthetic but look very real. You have to attach it to your natural hair, and once attached, these can be dressed the way you want it to be as they will be sturdily attached and can be maintained very easily. The curly crochet hair gives a very neat look to the face and the box crochet braids give a lot of volumes which gives a very thick look.

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  1. 1 - Jet Black 38 items
  2. 1B - Off Black 38 items
  3. 2 - Dark Brown 36 items
  4. 4 - Chocolate Brown 39 items
  5. FS1B/33 - Off Black Frosted with Dark Auburn 1 item
  6. F1B/30 - Off Black Frosted with Light Auburn 3 items
  7. F1B/33 - Off Black Frosted with Dark Auburn 2 items
  8. F4/27 - Medium Dark Brown Frosted with Strawberry Blonde 2 items
  9. 613 - Blonde 4 items
  10. 99J - Red Wine 6 items
  11. TT1B/30-Off Black Mixed and Tipped with Light Auburn 4 items
  12. TT1B/33-Off Black Mixed and Tipped with Dark Auburn 4 items
  13. F1B/99J - Off Black Frosted with Dark Red Wine 2 items
  14. 27 - Strawberry Blonde 13 items
  15. 30 - Auburn 16 items
  16. 33 - Dark Auburn 11 items
  17. P1B/30 - Piano Blend of Natural Black and Light Auburn 8 items
  18. P1B/33 - Piano Blend of Natural Black and Dark Auburn 9 items
  19. T1B/30 - Off Black Mixed and Tipped with Light Auburn 3 items
  20. T1B/33 - Off Black Mixed and Tipped with Dark Auburn 2 items
  21. T1B/27 - Off Black Mixed and Tipped with Strawberry Blonde 2 items
  22. TBUR 1 item
  23. T1B/BURG-Off Black Mixed and Tipped with Burgundy 2 items
  24. P4/27 - Piano blend of medium dark brown and strawberry blondec 2 items
  25. P4/30 - Piano blend of medium dark brown and light auburn 2 items
  26. T27 2 items
  27. T30 2 items
  28. T33 1 item
  29. F4/30 1 item
  30. T1B/99J-off black mixed and tipped with dark red wine 1 item
  31. Natural 7 items
  32. 1-JET BLACK 13 items
  33. 1B-OFF BLACK 13 items
  34. 2-DARK BROWN 14 items
  35. 4-CHOCOLATE BROWN 13 items
  36. 5- 2 items
  37. 6-Chestnut Brown 4 items
  38. 8-Light Chestnut Brown 2 items
  39. 10-Ash Brown 1 item
  40. 613-Blonde 3 items
  41. 427 1 item
  42. 8/613 1 item
  43. 99J-Red Wine 3 items
  44. 10/613 1 item
  45. HunBlonde 1 item
  46. Sblonde 1 item
  47. WalnutBolnde 1 item
  48. Burg 4 items
  49. RT27 1 item
  50. RT30 1 item
  51. 51 4 items
  52. 27-Strawberry Blonde 10 items
  53. 30-Auburn 10 items
  54. 280 1 item
  55. 44 2 items
  56. RTSilver 1 item
  57. Blue 1 item
  58. Green 1 item
  59. Purple 2 items
  60. Orange 1 item
  61. Pink 1 item
  62. Burgundy 2 items
  63. White 1 item
  64. 33-Dark Auburn 5 items
  65. BTPUR 1 item
  66. DE27 1 item
  67. DE30 1 item
  68. DEBUR 1 item
  69. F1B/30-Off Black Frosted with Light Auburn 1 item
  70. F1B/33-Off Black Frosted with Dark Auburn 2 items
  71. BUR 1 item
  72. TGRAY 1 item
  73. 1B/27 2 items
  74. 1B/30 2 items
  75. 4/613 1 item
  76. 1B/GRAY 1 item
  77. 1B/Plum 1 item
  78. 1B/Pur 1 item
  79. 1B/Bur 1 item
  80. 1B/Peagreen 1 item
  81. Midnight Purple 2 items
  82. T1B/30-Off Black Mixed and Tipped with Light Auburn 2 items
  83. T1B/27-Off Black Mixed and Tipped with Strawberry Blonde 2 items
  84. 35 1 item
  85. 39 1 item
  86. 1B/33 1 item
  87. 1B/99J 1 item
  88. 340 1 item
  89. 350 1 item
  90. Deep Blue 1 item
  91. Glaxy 1 item
  92. 1B/350 1 item
  93. 27/33 1 item
  94. Red 1 item
  95. P2/27 1 item
  96. M99J/1B 1 item
  97. M30/1B 1 item
  98. M33/1B 1 item
  99. BG 1 item
  100. GB 1 item
  101. P1B/99J 2 items
  102. TT1B/99J 1 item
  103. TT1B/350 3 items
  104. 50 1 item
  105. TC1B/30 1 item
  106. TC1B/33 1 item
  107. TC1B/BUR 1 item

Searching for "Hair Extensions Near Me"? We Are Here For You

We know that it's difficult to find one stop solution for all your hair extensions requirements when you search "Hair Extensions Near Me". So, we bring Afro Hair Boutique, your one-stop shop. From clip-in to pre-bonded and ponytail, synthetic to real Remy human hair, crochet braids and hairpieces to hair extensions we have something to suit everyone. Now, you can buy afro hair extensions online with confidence. We all love our hair, but some of us complain about the volume of the hair being very less or the hair being of a different texture. Find the best hair extensions near you online in UK at FairnessCo where you will definitely find the one that suits at desired lengths for you. Here you get 100% Real Human Hair Extensions (Remy, Curly Hair Extensions), Clip In Hair Extensions (Curly, Blonde, Black, Ponytail, Remy), Synthetic Hair Extensions (Wavy and Curly Fusion), Ponytail Hair Extensions, African Hair Braids (Synthetic Braids, Crochet Braids, etc) of different brands like Xpression, Aftress, Kali at lowest price. There are a lot of products especially for the black women who love braiding their hair to different styles and lengths.

Human Hair Extensions For a More Natural Looking Hair

Clip-in to pre-bounded and ponytail, synthetic to real remy human hair, crochet braids and hairpieces to hair extensions, we have it all. Find the extension of your choice and you can kiss your bad hair days goodbye. Some of the extensions don’t even take too long to fix to your hair like the Remy hair, which is also known for withstanding a lot of damage and is preferred over Synthetic hair extensions. Human virgin hair extensions, with no chemicals added are available here at FairnessCo. It will help you with getting a healthy voluminous look and can be recoloured. The Virgin gold human hair when the hair is damp, it will look wavy. The texture of the hair extension also varies from one another, and also has the choice of choosing the colour and the length.

It Is Possible To Fix Great Hair While In a Hurry with Synthetic Hair Extensions

Synthetic hair extensions are always easier to maintain and looks similar to the human hair. FairnessCo offers you a wide range of Synthetic hair extensions of different styles – wavy, curly and straight, which suits your requirement. Make sure you choose the hair colour and length. These extensions are of great quality and will not get damaged by the heat while styling. These affordable hair extensions help in getting a voluminous look and can be worn directly from the packet. It gives you a new look for an occasion in few simple steps. Also find synthetic braids of different lengths and volumes for afro hair at FairnessCo.

Ponytail Hair Extensions That Don’t Go Out Of Style

Ponytail hair extensions that are available are made of 100% fibre and also human hair. They are of different styles and have having multi directional curls and straightened hair. The textures of the hair may vary and their lengths too, but these are for your office hours as well as for your evenings when also your dress looks better with your pony. They are easy to attach and gives a natural look. Ponytail extensions can never go out of style and always suits everyone.

Simple Yet Luxurious Clip In Hair Extensions At FairnessCo

Sleek Hair Clip in extensions is one of the most preferred hair extensions. Available on FairnessCo are the luxury hair extensions and are the best in the market. These are made out of 100% human hair with 4 piece triple wefts for complete volume. They are silky straight and very soft to feel and touch. It has extra lustre volume with high ratio and for full head. Clip on hair extensions are easy to put on and have the right clips which don’t damage your hair. They are made for the European hair type and is definitely a recommended must-have for every woman of color.